As part of GlobalStar we are involved in the development of leading Technology solutions giving access to best fares worldwide

What you can expect:

  • Performance Measured Business Plan – tailored specifically to each client’s requirements and executing the increasing complexity of modern travel management, which achieves their cost-saving and corporate social responsibility objectives.
  • Objective driven and collaborative global / regional / local account management.
  • Interactive and comprehensive global to local travel portal structured communications.
  • Dynamic technologies providing the best solutions for online booking, quality control, expense management, corporate social responsibility management, virtual conferencing and much more.

Proprietary Technology

GlobalStar partners are committed to developing and maintaining only the most innovative and cost-effective technology. As such, GlobalStar provides clients with global information consolidation and reporting, and true global content sourcing. Our proprietary tools FareStar, DataStar, and ProfileStar were created by GlobalStar in order to enable us to partner with our large multinational companies to more effectively manage their travel costs.


FareStar is a groundbreaking proprietary tool allowing GlobalStar representatives to search GlobalStar’s global fare database with fares from any country, and on every Global Distribution System (GDS), allowing GlobalStar clients to benefit from the different IATA rules around the world, as well as any discrepancies between the different GDS. In a single search, agents can access over one million local market fares from any of their GlobalStar partners in addition to GDS and Internet content.

  • FareStar will allow your GlobalStar Travel Management Company to scan multiple databases in multiple countries in a single search.
  • Search every GDS – if SABRE is cheaper in the US, is it in Singapore? We’ll check it out for you.
  • Search Net fares loaded on to each GDS – is there a spot fare available to Travel Agents in France? If there is we’ll get it.
  • In today’s environment of GDS deregulation and potential content fragmentation, it’s possible that your preferred carrier is in one GDS and not in another. FareStar will allow your GlobalStar Travel Management Company to manage multi-GDS searches. We’re prepared, and we can handle it.


DataStar is a packaged global data consolidation and on-line travel management reporting solution for global corporate customers. It was developed for GlobalStar by Hi-Mark Software, the travel industry’s leading provider of data consolidation. Hi-Mark’s data consolidation technology will be deployed to securely collect, consolidate and normalize currency to provide comprehensive travel financial data from all of GlobalStar’s international locations. Client benefits include:

  • The ability to book through several GlobalStar agencies and still report on their global data.
  • The opportunity to manage their travel with regard to security, spend, compliance, and policy using reports available through the DataStar program.
  • Access to the industry’s best reporting suite and data collection.
  • Internet based reporting, access to data 24/7/365 days a year.
  • Interactive reports to pdf, Excel, Excel designer, OLAP, Cube, Dashboard.
  • Ability to report in any currency and language around the world.
  • Better quality of data.


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